Starehe Girls' Centre


Starehe Girls' Centre accepts 200 students per year of whom three quarters are sponsored students from disadvantaged background while a quarter are self sponsored students.

The criteria for admission to Form One are:

  • All candidates should be aged 15 and below and MUST choose Starehe Girls' Centre as their first choice of National School option.
  • Each candidate MUST complete the official Form 1 Blue Application Form available at the school, and return to Starehe Girls' Centre by 31st July of the year they are sitting their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education. The applicant should attain high marks in the KCPE Examinations to be considered for admission.
  • Forms MUST be signed by the candidate's parent or guardian, her Head Master or Head Mistress, the Chief and a minister of religion such as a pastor, priest or Imam - all of whom must verify the girl's social background.(Not applicable to Self Sponsored Students)

Needs Assessment

Need is assessed on a scale of 1 to 10, with the least disadvantaged (those in categories 1 - 5) being discounted.

After grading, the shortlisted blue forms are grouped per Counties to make sure that each County is represented. A file is then opened for each County in advance of the KCPE results.

The selection process

After the KCPE marking in November/ December, individual Application Form are further considered by a select committee of 12 members. If  there are any areas of uncertainity relating to a girl's background, an Officer from the Sponsorship Office may be released to make a home visit. The whole process takes a maximum of one week and involves much debate before final agreement is reached.

Admission Letter

All the qualified sponsored students will obtain an admission letters through the Ministry of Education website (Click the Blue Link to redirect you) Form One Admission Letter. The letter bears joining  instructions for Form One students. A list of qualified students is also posted at a notice board found at Starehe Girls Centre main gate for parents and guardians viewing.

Offering places

All selected girls are invited to report at a given date. Upon completion of the admission process and after authenticating that the right girl is the one who has reported a formal welcome is extended to the student and is handed over to a sister for proper induction in the unique culture and ethos of Starehe.

NOTE: The Starehe Blue Form Application is not sold under any circumstances.

The application form can be downloaded from below